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Welcome to the best personal protective equipment ( PPE ) best practice guide for Qatar 2022. In this guide, you’ll find information on the types of personal protective equipment and protective clothing that are best suitable for your employees’ needs

Nassguard is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality safety products available, With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to provide your employees with the protection they need.

We supply protective equipment for a wide range of industries, including construction, mining, and manufacturing. And no matter where your employees work, we have the right types of equipment to keep them safe and comfortable.

Thank you for choosing Nassguard as your source for industrial safety equipment. We look forward to helping you keep your employees safe and compliant with the latest safety standards.


Protecting and keeping your employees safe is what it’s all about. That’s why we offered clients the best personal protective equipment from Nassguard. With 25 years of experience in protective equipment, we understand what different settings your employees will face in and what the prevailing condition will require.

We will provide the best safety equipment to insure the safety of your employees. Primary safety equipment basically consists of respiratory protection, fall protection, and PPE, they are used in all most all industries, Let’s check out protective equipment used by different industries.

Best Industry Site Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment in Construction — Similarly to other industries, construction has its own set of hazards. Without the proper safety equipment, construction workers are at risk of losing their lives. Listed here are the top three levels of protection suitable for construction,

• Eye Protection

It is mandatory to wear safety glasses when working on a construction site. The majority of eye and face injuries are caused by objects that penetrate the eye. Eye and face injuries are more likely to occur when workers are welding, cutting, using nails, and working with concrete.

examples of eye protectors: –

  1. Safety Glasses
  2. Welding Helmet
  3. Safety Goggles

• Respiratory Protection

Jobs that involve smoke, utility work, and toxic chemicals can also pose a threat to safety. It’s essential for construction companies to ensure that each employee wears a safety mask when dealing with environments like this.

examples of respiratory protectors: –

  1. Safety mask
  2. Escape Hood
  3. Respiratory Mask

 Safety Clothing & high-visibility clothing

The construction industry has extremely high numbers of accidents reported each year, and a lot of these could be minimised with the use of PPE. Skin sensitization may have long-term and reoccurring effects if the skin is exposed to a sensitizer, Whenever construction companies deal with environments such as these, they must ensure that their employees wear Safety Clothing.

examples of safety clothing: –

  1. Safety Shoes
  2. Safety Gloves
  3. Safety Helmet
  4. Safety Vest
  5. Fire Retardant Coverall
  6. Protective Clothing
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