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Breaker Speed Hump Heavy Duty BRK 602

Introducing the Breaker Speed Hump Heavy Duty BRK 602, brought to you by Breaker Safety. This Heavy-Duty Speed Bump is solid rubber (without channels), designed for demanding applications in high traffic areas or for heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses. It effectively and safely reduces car speeds to a range of 2-10 mph, making it an ideal solution for traffic calming in parking lots and private roads. Trust Breaker Safety for superior Heavy-Duty Speed Bump solutions.


  • 50mm Jumbo ramps are designed to prevent incidents in and around the workplace, reducing speed to a maximum of 10 mph, ideal for reception car parks, schools, colleges, hospitals etc
  • 75mm height ramps are aimed to reduce speed to a maximum of 4 mph, ideal for dock yards, loading bays, bus depts etc


  • Position the units at the end of a row and mark the location of the fixing holes on the surface to be applied
  • Remove units and drill holes at the marked positions as follows: Clean hole of debris
  • Insert bolt shield into hole
  • Reposition units and pass the bolts through the locating holes and screw into the shield
  • It is responsibility of the Landowner/Leaseholder to place appropriate signage to indicate the speed limit at which the Speed Bumps should be approached
  • Pre-Drilled Bolt Holes: All sections are pre-drilled ready for inserting relevant bolts for specific road surfaces, i.e. concrete or asphalt.


  • 100% recycled rubber
  • Humps are trafficable immediately after installation
  • No re-painting of yellow modules required
  • ‘Cats-eyes’ incorporated into each module for improved night-time visibility
  • UV material to avoid color fade

More Details


Model– BRK 602

Height– 50 MM

Width– 350 MM

Length– 500 MM / PCS 

Color– Black & Yellow

Capacity– 20 Ton 



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