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Chemical Goggles

Introducing top-quality chemical goggles in Qatar – the OPTEC PANORAMA. These lightweight goggles offer 360-degree panoramic vision and superior flexibility, thanks to their innovative ventilation system and polycarbonate lenses. Designed ergonomically with a flexible soft section, they conform effortlessly to any facial shape, ensuring comfort. With low contact pressure and a featherweight build, these chemical splash goggles are a reliable choice for various industries, setting a high standard for performance.

More Details


  • Polycarbonate lens wide-vision goggles
  • Lightweight design further improves wearer comfort
  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • Sealed frame
  • Large adjustable strap
  • Exclusive PRO-TECH coatings can be easily combined with other PPE, such as helmets, respiratory masks and high mechanical strength (B: 120 m/s).



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