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Coverguard- Siberite 9SIBE

Presenting to you the Coverguard Siberite 9SIBE, your ultimate work boot companion. These boots are designed with safety and comfort in mind, featuring a robust steel toe cap and an anti-penetration steel sole to keep your feet protected in challenging environments. The external sole, crafted from double-density PU/PU, ensures superior traction and durability. With an upper made from full-grain leather and a cozy fur interior, these boots provide both durability and warmth. Trust in the quality and reliability of Coverguard for your work footwear needs.


  • Mining
  • Extracting Oil and Gas
  • Energy (production and distribution)
  • Infrastructure, building industry


  • Builder
  • Slater
  • Ramp agent
  • Luggage handler
  • Site supervisor
  • Docker

More Details

Technical Features

Color– Black

Upper– Full grain leather

Тоесар– Steel

Puncture resistant sole– Stainless steel

Midsole- PU

Outsole– PU

Insole– Removable, faux fur and foam 

Main assembly– Injected

Closing– Lacing closure

No. of pieces in one carton– 6

Lining– Faux fur

Instruction For Use And Storage

Instructions for use

These boots can be perfectly preserved. Before any use, the effect of a visual inspection is perfect. It is advisable to choose the appropriate model for the specific requirements of your workplace.

Storage instructions

Place the boots, when not in use, in a dry, clean and airy place. The time influences all materials and even if only first class raw materials have been used, storage for longer than 3 years is not recommended.

Washing instructions

Regularly clean the boots by using brushes, cleaning clothes, the operation frequency should be stated according to the workstation and carry out a periodic upper treatment with an adequate gloss containing grease, wax, silicone, etc


This shoe conforms to the personal protective equipment model covered by the EC type-examination certificate LEC F100369596



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