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Aluminised Suits

GoodPRO’s Aluminized Protective Suits are engineered for the ultimate defence against heat-related hazards. These protective suits in Qatar are crafted from aramid materials, fortified with a reflective aluminized layer, providing a formidable barrier against extreme radiant heat and molten metal splash. Tailored specifically for industries like heavy metallurgy and glass factories, where exposure to such risks is prevalent, these suits offer unparalleled protection.

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  • Designed for safeguarding against extreme temperatures, molten metal splashes, and open flames, these suits excel in providing comprehensive protection.
  • They are especially well-suited for maintenance and overhauls within the petrochemical and gas industry.
  • Ideal for maintenance and overhauls in the petrochemical and gas industry


  • GoodPRO HR1 Gabriel – Quality aluminized suit with carbon – higher protection
  • GoodPRO HR4 Bara – Basic aluminized suit – our best-seller
  • GoodPRO HR5 Michael – Premium double aluminized suit with carbon – the highest protection
  • GoodPRO HR7 Richard – Special light and soft aluminized suit – high level of comfort




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