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JSP EVO3-EVO®3 Mid Peak Revolution® Wheel Ratchet Vented

Find the EVO®3 Comfort Plus helmet with a Mid Peak Revolution® Wheel Ratchet Vented design. This helmet offers superior all-day protection across a wide range of environments, thanks to its exceptionally robust shell. It combines this strength with the comfort benefits of the innovative Evolution® 3D Adjustment™ harness system. The EVO®3 is a true evolution of the well-established MK®2 and MK®3 helmets, retaining JSP’s signature style while incorporating cutting-edge advancements first introduced in the EVO®8. It’s loaded with the latest protection technology and features for your peace of mind.

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  • White (AJF170-000-100)
  • Blue (AJF170-000-500)
  • Orange (AJF170-000-800)
  • Green (AJF170-000-300)
  • Red (AJF170-000-600)
  • Yellow (AJF170-000-200)
  • Black (AJF170-001-100)

Safety Standards

EN 397



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