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Breaker Welding Helmet Brk 1066

If you’re searching for top-notch welding helmets in Qatar, look no further than Breaker Safety, the premier welding helmet suppliers in Qatar. Our expert team assists you in selecting the finest, quality-rated welding helmets from 2019 and beyond. Explore our range of cutting-edge safety helmets designed for heavy-duty work and unparalleled comfort in various industries. Trust Breaker Safety for all your industrial safety equipment needs, offering the best prices and uncompromising quality in welding helmets and more.


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Breaker Welding Helmet Brk 1066 Provides shade 11 protection for all types of welding Equipped with a fixed screen with one clear polycarbonate filter (FILTER-IN) and a flip-up screen with one shade 11 filter (FILTER-11) Both filters have dimensions of 108 x 51 mm Made of durable and lightweight polypropylene material Adjustable size for a comfortable fit on different head sizes Flip-up screen design allows for easy switching between welding and non-welding activities. We are the best providers for the head and safety protection equipments and also other safety products in Qatar.

Breaker welding helmet Technical Specification

Material Polypropylene
Color Black
Filter Type Shade 11 filter (FILTER-11) and clear polycarbonate filter (FILTER-IN)
Filter Dimensions 108 x 51 mm
Headband Type Adjustable
Usage All types of welding that require shade 11 protection



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